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If the disease progresses to grade 3, the symptoms of atrioventricular block will bethe following: darkening in the eyes; severe dizziness; pain in the region of the heart; convulsive seizures; blueness (cyanosis) of the skin of the face; decrease in heart rate to 40 or less beats per minute; loss of consciousness.

It is noteworthy that congenital atrioventricular block can be completely asymptomatic.

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The establishment of the correct diagnosis is carried out by a cardiologist, who must study the results of Trimox and instrumental examinations and independently carry out a series of manipulations.

Laboratory studies are of an auxiliary nature and are limited to general clinical and biochemical blood tests.

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Thus, the primary diagnosis for AV block includes: study of the medical history - to search for diseases that could precede the onset of Trimox; collection and analysis of life history - to establish the fact of inadequate use of medicines; listening to the patient with a phonendoscope - to determine the heart rate; a detailed survey - to identify the first time of occurrence and the intensity of the severity of symptoms, which will indicate the form and nature of the course of the disease.

The tactics of therapy is determined by the severity of the course of the disease and by whether incomplete or complete AV block is diagnosed in the patient.

If there is an asymptomatic or atrioventricular blockade of the 1st degree caused by taking medications, they take a wait-and-see approach and completely stop taking any medications. In other cases, to cure the disease, appoint.

With atrioventricular blockade of trimox 500mg, treatment is performed only with the help of cardiosurgical methods. A pacemaker is implanted for the following indications. Heart rate less than 40 beats per minute; asystole periods of 3 or more seconds; severe course of complete atrioventricular blockade; arterial hypertension; development of complications.

The occurrence or aggravation of heart failure in a chronic form; ectopic anemia; ventricular tachycardia; cerebral hypoxia; arrhythmogenic cardiogenic shock; exacerbation of coronary artery disease and kidney pathologies; cardiovascular insufficiency; sudden cardiac death - observed in 17%, especially when people have not been provided with adequate emergency care; intellectual-mnestic disorders - more often manifested in elderly patients.


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Atrioventricular blockade of the 2nd degree is treated by such methods

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To avoid the development of atrioventricular blockade, there are no specific measures. Prevention of the disease will be general simple rules, including. maintaining a healthy and moderately active lifestyle; refusal to take medications that were not prescribed by the attending physician; early detection and full treatment of those diseases that can provoke an anomaly; regular visits to a cardiologist and other specialists for a complete medical preventive examination.

If a patient diagnosed with atrioventricular blockade does not receive emergency care in a timely manner, the likelihood of developing such consequences is extremely high.

Atrioventricular blockade is a dangerous disease, the prognosis of which depends on the severity. The most favorable outcome is AV blockade of trimox 1 and 2 with timely treatment. The most serious prognosis is observed with AV blockade of the 3rd degree - in such cases, complications most often develop that make patients unable to work or even lead to death. The main causes of atrioventricular heart block, diagnosis and treatment.